About Brainwashed

Debunking CTE Myths

How much do we really know about CTE? Less than you think. Brainwashed addresses three pervasive myths advanced by CTE pundits and sensationalized by the media by taking a critical look at the current body of research about the disease.

MYTH #1: All NFL players are falling apart

This section looks at the reality of what’s happened to NFL players as related to brain trauma, including Merril’s journey from running back to media personality to CTE truther, the story of how ex-players are doing and how the ones with legitimate cognitive problems might be helped, and the important truth about ex-players and suicide.

MYTH #2: CTE is settled science, and football causes it

This section digs into the influence of BU and the fawning media coverage of its research, takes a closer look at the biased and poor science behind today’s “football = CTE” consensus, and presents an inflammation theory of CTE that better fits the evidence.

MYTH #3: Youth football is child abuse

This final section analyzes the attacks on youth football prompted by CTE anxiety as well as the truth about the safety of the sport. Experts treating brain injury with therapies that actually reverse and prevent damage give their perspective, and Brainwashed takes a look at cutting-edge safety and treatment methods that get players back on the field safely. This section rips to shreds the sloppy arguments behind both the assault on youth football and the irresponsible media coverage of it and examines the real benefits of youth football and makes an argument for why it should be protected.