Brainwashed is a must-read for any parent who has a young kid who wants to play football or is playing football already. Having two young boys who are already talking about playing football, we are always trying to gain knowledge and educate ourselves on the head issues involving football. Merril really opened our eyes to the truth of head injuries and CTE.

As a professional football player, combined with my wife’s medical background as a physician assistant, we realize there is still so much unknown in the realm of head injuries and concussions. We both feel more educated after reading Merril’s book.”

— Ben Roethlisberger and Ashley Roethlisberger
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback; physician assistant

“Merril Hoge and Dr. Peter Cummings have produced a detailed, well-documented, first-hand account of the issues that surround the sport of football and the potential for brain injury. Based on their experiences, they give the reader an excellent review of the social, athletic, and scientific aspects of football, which should help parents and athletes decide what sport is best for them.”

— Dr. Julian Bailes
Director of neurosurgery and codirector of the NorthShore HealthSystem Neurological Institute

Brainwashed turns discussions [about CTE and concussions] upside down and gives them a good hard shake. A very interesting read.”

— Cris Collinsworth
Analyst on NBC’s Sunday Night Football and former NFL player

“Merril Hoge has written an important book regarding the issues of concussions in sports, with particular emphasis on football. Whatever your position on the subject of CTE may be, you should read this book. It contains information every parent and athlete should carefully review.”

— Bill Polian
Former NFL general manager

“If you are a parent grappling with whether or not you should allow your child to play youth football, I urge you to read Brainwashed. Thank you, Merril, for presenting us with perspective and taking to task the people who have owned the narrative of CTE. They have played on our fears, but with Brainwashed, we are armed with comprehensive and compelling arguments for why diet and lifestyle are as big a part of the equation as playing a contact sport.

As one of the first little girls to ever play youth football, I agree with Merril that the sport’s positives greatly outweigh the negatives. The strength I gained from just stepping out on that field helped pave the way for my future. Perhaps it will for your child as well.”

— Suzy Kolber
Host of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown

“Reading Brainwashed was an eye-opening experience. It exposes the hidden agendas at play and bad science at work. We are thankful to Dr. Cummings and Merril for their research.”

— Trent Dilfer and Cassandra Dilfer
Super Bowl champion; former collegiate athlete

“In a climate where misinformation has led to misunderstanding, the game of football has come under attack. Through careful analysis, Merril Hoge has emerged as a strong defender of this great game that has given so much to so many.”

— Solomon Wilcots
Former NFL defensive back

“My wife and I have discussed the articles on head trauma many times. It seemed to us that the press had jumped the gun on the subject of head trauma and that the reported science on the subject did not follow the scientific method. Because we love football, we yearned for an authentic explanation. Merril Hoge and Dr. Peter Cummings have provided that in Brainwashed.”

— Bruce Arians
Former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals

“As a football family, we’ve been looking for reliable information on the topic of head trauma and treatment. Merril Hoge and Dr. Peter Cummings have delivered just that in Brainwashed.”

— Walter “Bubby” Brister and Bonnie Brister
Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback; football mom

“Merril does a fantastic job of exposing the biased science and half-truths that capture the headlines and dominate the media in regard to CTE. Brainwashed is a must-read if you want the real story and unbiased science behind CTE.”

— Mark Schlereth
Former NFL offensive lineman

Brainwashed is a game changer. Merril and his experts ask all the right questions about the conflicts of interest and ulterior motives behind the CTE media machine that’s quick to vilify and slow to verify. As a parent questioning the real risks behind football and other contact sports, I was amazed at the lack of controlled scientific best practices applied to the research that people use to make real decisions about their children’s lives. This book is a must-read for anyone who believes in balancing educated risk against our kids’ rights to explore, have access to opportunity, and find out who they are truly meant to be.”

— Debra Mirabile
CEO of DSM Properties

“Merril Hoge and Dr. Peter Cummings have opened a long overdue dialogue on the topic of CTE, concussions, and brain health. Brainwashed enlightened me, demonstrating that we cannot take everything we read or hear at face value. This story and the science behind it are just the beginning of shifting the dialogue and research in a direction that is real and honest so we can properly diagnose and treat brain trauma.”

— Kyla Zalapski
Owner of Fitness Evolution

“Merril, thank you so much for your passion and energy and mission to help keep our kids safe! I greatly appreciate the actual facts, science, and information that will help me make a sound decision as a parent and support my son in what he loves: football.

Brainwashed was hard to put down. The stories of athletes were amazing and helpful. As a single mom, I want to raise my son with great values and morals and provide him with an amazing footing for life. I have always been supportive of football, and this book answered many of the questions I had, as well as provided me with more information because I always believe safety comes first.”

— Nicole Middendorf
CEO of Prosperwell Financial