There’s a lot of different information surrounding mental health available today, but it can be difficult to know what’s fact and what’s fiction.

When Boston University completed a study that claimed progressive brain disease was likely caused by repetitive brain injuries, I was inspired to do some research of my own.

Like so much health data that’s supported by little scientific evidence, I found that the narrative the university was pushing wasn’t based on any research. Additionally, the media was also getting it wrong. As a former NFL player, I was frustrated. Didn’t anyone want to delve deeper into CTE? Didn’t anyone want to verify if the hype surrounding the condition was true?

One of the main reasons I wrote “Brainwashed” was because I stumbled across so many instances of scientific abuse, corruption, and suppression. Much of it what was being said were outright lies.

Dr. Anna McKee, who led the research on CTE at Boston University claimed here that “all football players” have it, which is completely untrue and unverified. Making such a bold statement is irresponsible and dangerous. It could negatively impact the way we play and regulate football.

This is one of the many contradictions and inconsistencies that I discovered while researching CTE – something that has no scientific basis is now widely accepted as truth.

This is why I wrote “Brainwashed.” After conducting my own research and interviews, what I discovered was truly enlightening! CTE is a serious issue, but it’s not as prevalent and widespread as you’re being forced to believe.

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